Pilates is excellent for improving mobility/stability and balance, increasing agility and flexibility, and creating a strong core and long lean muscles. The focus is on the mind-body connection to get your muscles firing correctly while maintaining joint integrity, which is critical to proper alignment and good posture. Through mat, Reformer, chair and Cadillac exercises, along with and a variety of props and other equipment, your individualized workout will be exciting and challenging.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions focus on your goals:weight loss, muscle gain, increased strength, improved cardiovascular heath or just staying in shape. I utilize a variety of exercise modalities such as cardio, free weights and resistance bands to create a truly customized plan based on your limitations and needs. Correct form and proper technique are paramount for cardiovascular and strength workouts that provide variety, proper intensity, and functionality.

Weight Management

Together we’ll customize the ideal training plan for you that helps you reach your goals whether it’s muscle gain, weight loss or both! I am here to provide the perfect plan of action specifically designed for you. Along with private Pilates and personal training, I'll provide key strategies for success, focusing on effective and sustainable weight management to help you along your fitness journey.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching empowers you to make lasting behavioral changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being. My advice will help you successfully implement recommendations into your life. I'll take time to listen to your concerns and ask powerful questions to help motivate you to make the necessary adjustments that facilitate change in a structured, supportive partnership that stays between you and me. Together, we'll identify obstacles and create strategies for forward movement.
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